Are you looking for some outfit ideas to get inspired by for Christmas? Personally for me with everything going on this year, I’ve been so reluctant to even start thinking about Christmas day/dinner. Partially because I have such a difficult time thinking about all the little things when I know so many people are struggling with so much more than I am. I think it’s good to acknowledge this but life moves on and one way I can move forward is by learning how to complain less, to also be in a state of gratitude, such a simple concept but one that is difficult to adapt to. I know I need to fully embrace this season as it’s coming to an end, even though it’s been a hard one for my family and for many others.

Now that’s out of the way, I want to share my absolute favourite colour for Christmas, Red is one of those colours that just about works on everybody and can easily be matched with beige, white etc. The outfit below is a favourite only because it is comfortable, maybe I should say comfortable without wearing sweats or Pj’s, let us be real there is nothing more comfortable than that, covid proved this to us all this year.

I know it’s a bit much to think about getting dressed up this year but I feel so much better as a wife, mom, and human being when I feel good about myself and sometimes that means getting dressed up, to feel good.

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