First Trimester Recap and Q&A


Now that we are way past the first trimester, looking back at it doesn’t seem so daunting. For those of you that don’t know this is my second pregnancy, I can officially say that I’m a pro at being pregnant if that is an actual thing people say? haha! I get asked all the time about how my pregnancy has been and honestly this time it’s been a lot more challenging for me personally mentally, and physically. Becoming pregnant after experiencing a loss within the same year was very difficult, mentally it felt like I was fighting a battle I just couldn’t win. I questioned every little thing, I had to really regulate my emotions and constantly remind myself if something happened it wasn’t the end of the world. Can you relate to this? To my surprise everything went well and the next thing I know I’m fast into my second trimester, oh how time flies. We are so thrilled about our rainbow baby and thank god every second for this miracle of ours.

In today’s blog post I mainly wanted to answer a few questions I’ve been frequently asked and also to share some of my favorite products that have kept me sane throughout the first trimester in case you find yourself there right now and trying to figure it all out.

How are you feeling?

I felt surprisingly amazing in the first trimester, I still kept myself busy. However, I did have weeks where I felt extremely exhausted and just wanted to sleep all day, chasing a 3-year-old around could have something to do with it. I did experience a bit of nausea but not extensively it came and went.

Are you taking any Medication or Prenatals?

Yes! I’m taking my prenatal, which most women take during their pregnancy but in addition to that, I’m also taking an iron pill as I have anemia.

Do you have a Midwife or an OB?

I’ve decided to go with a midwife this time around, with the first pregnancy I had an OB. However, in my first pregnancy, I felt as though I did not have the best care, my appointments were always rushed and I had no time to ask questions. There wasn’t any relationship with my OB and that took a lot out of the experience of being pregnant for the first time, I found myself on google more than anything.

The team of midwives I currently have are beyond amazing. They always start the appointment with a question of ” how are you doing, how are you feeling?” and that means so much to me. Pregnancy is full of symptoms, week to week you can find yourself feeling a range of emotions, from great to just absolutely being miserable. It’s definitely been very different in the world of Covid but still, I get to have a virtual appointment for all my questions and concerns followed up with an in-person appointment.

Are there any products you must-have for the first trimester?

Yes! There are a few products I couldn’t personally live without. This Palmers Tummy Butter from the get-go, my prenatal vitamins Here, Nursing bra towards the end of the first trimester as my belly grew Here , also this maternity underwear is everything, grows with you Here.

Mama’s i’d love to hear what products worked best for you during your pregnancy, let me know below.

Here are my tips for overcoming your first trimester

  1. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you’re drinking as much water as possible, I walk around all day with my Yeti mug.

2. Feed the hunger, Girl!

I always kept a Made Good granola bar in my purse, somedays I found myself starving like extreme hunger would just hit me out of nowhere, so this came in handy.

3. Share the news with your close family and friends

Allow the people closest to you to be there and support you, as you embark on this journey. It’s also such an exciting time you’re gonna want to tell people and honestly, that is totally ok, prioritizing your mental health over anything else is more important especially during the first trimester.

4. Document

Take as many pictures as you want and just because you don’t have this big belly doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t take a picture.

5. Download all the Pregnancy Apps

The best part about being pregnant is learning and understanding exactly what kind of changes are happening in your body, these apps have so many details about your weekly body changes and the growth of the baby.

6. Eat the Craving

Do not and I repeat, do NOT hold yourself back from your cravings. Go find it, whether it’s ice cream, chocolate, or grapes eat the darn thing; it’s totally normal, and don’t feel guilty for it.

These are tips I wish I had known when. I was pregnant with my first son, I hope you found something helpful or received confirmation from this post, I know pregnancy can be such an exciting, scary, new world for women that are experiencing it for the first time. Check back here for more updates and details also find me on Instagram for day-to-day updates.