Printed dresses have become so popular over the last couple of years, it’s 2021 and I can safely say every single woman should own at least one printed dress, whether it’s a floral print, snake, or a houndstooth print. I’ve worked in retail for many years so this has allowed me to really see the transitional phase of when it all occurred, as I recall it all started with fun printed blouses which slowly led to floral summer printed dresses to now all year fall/winter wearable dress prints. Let’s not delay and get right into it, below I’ve compiled some fun prints I love accompanied by items that you can easily style them with.

Snake Print

Snake print has become super popular and honestly it’s one of my favourite prints to wear in the fall and winter. Although I must admit, I hate snakes and everything about them completely freak me out, tell me you’re with me here?! yuck. This is a personal favourite one, I am in LOVE with this dress, I’m a petite woman sitting at 105 pounds about 5’3 so the belt accentuates my waist making it flattering on my figure.

“I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman.” —Vera Wang


houndstooth is a very popular print that is very common among women’s fashion. The Houndstooth print is most commonly found on suit jackets, such as blazers, as well as office pants and blouses. A print like this is best suited for a special occasion, accompanied by accessories that are subtle in style. I’ve styled it above so it can be worn in the colder months but throwing on a pair of sandals can drastically change the look to a more spring-friendly dress as well.

what do you think about this print and how I’ve styled it?

Floral print has to be every millennial girl’s favorite print, it is definitely one of my favorites, and here is why; It can be worn and styled in many different ways, a fun summer dress if you throw white sneakers on with it then take the sneakers out and put on flats to make it work appropriate. I can go on and on styling this particular print, the fun part is to always try and pull out some of the colors on the prints within your accessories. Above I opted for a texturized bag, that is the same color as the boots and dress, then I finished the look with some texturized gold earrings and a simple bracelet to accent, these will be sure to pop out.

I styled this one above keeping in mind, the print of this checkered dress is busy, I mainly wanted to wear something that wouldn’t take away from the bold print and color. I also loved the idea of this bold blue colour, so you can still add a blue bag within the same shade to this but I like to live on the edgier side, styling this with a snake print bag to add some contrast and these amazing bold black ankle boots.

There is a common misconception about monochrome, it’s that it generally pertains to the colors of black and white, traditionally this would be correct. However, monochrome has expanded to include one tertiary color and following that with many different shades within that family color completing a full look. The dress above is a polka dot monochrome (black and white) print. This print is great for someone who isn’t a big fan of bold loud prints, it’s subtle in wear but it allows for a little something there instead of plain solid colors.

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