Collaboration with Third Love


The best Maternity/ nursing bra I can’t live without, SO comfortable you’ll thank me later!


When THIRD LOVE reached out to me to send me their maternity Bra set, I really was a bit hesitant because this isn’t my first time around the block. I’ve been pregnant before and I know how plenty of brands make what they think is a great fit for an ever-growing and changing body; meanwhile none of it really ends up fitting right. Regardless I had agreed to receive the product as I’m always in pursuit of finding maternity and nursing-friendly items that I can share with you all.

I literally fell in LOVE with this set, I got the 24/7 Nursing set which is the most comfortable nursing bra that actually gives you support and makes the girls look good and perky. Also, something that is worth mentioning is that they have this quiz on their website they recommend you should take before shopping for the products, I wasn’t too sure if this was going to be very generic. However, I took the quiz because finding the right fit has been a very difficult process for me since having my first son who I breastfed for 15 months exclusively, none of my bras have fit right. After taking the quiz it suggested I was about half a cup bigger than my size so I decided to go with the size they suggested and it fit perfectly I actually loved the way my boobs looked in a bra for the first time in 3 years!

I highly suggest this bra set if you find yourself lost and looking for something new. You can shop this look by following me on the Like to know it app .