Tips on finding non-maternity dresses for Pregnancy


Another word for comfort is dresses, or at least I’m convinced it is while being pregnant, I’m sharing my favourite ones below.

Ladies is it safe to say we all have dresses that really make us feel a certain way the minute we put them on, this one would be mine. I’m obsessed and I currently just can’t get enough, I feel like that emoji dancer chick with the red dress, although it’s at a point in my pregnancy it no longer fits me without showing my entire woo ha every time the wind blows! haha…

Being pregnant in the summer is NO joke, I’ve spent my entire summer thus far in dresses. The weather in Toronto has been brutal this summer, if it is not raining it’s been very humid which hasn’t been easy for a girl who does love the heat, unfortunately, pregnancy and heatwaves just don’t mix. It’s why I’m finding you some dresses that you can still look chic in whilst being uber comfortable and not sweat all over.

Here are five things I look for when trying to finding the right non-maternity dress during pregnancy, I do find maternity dresses are generally difficult to wear afterwards due to their fit, also they can be very pricy. So whenever you find yourself looking for a dress whilst being pregnant, just make sure to keep these tips below in mind.

  • Comfort
  • Can it grow with your belly
  • versatility, can you wear this again
  • Fabric, many women have a very sensitive skin during pregnancy

This dress is an old free people dress, it has been an amazing non-maternity piece I’ve loved wearing out of my regular closet. I’ll link a few similar options here for you all, although free people tends to be a little bit more on the pricier side I do love their quality also a great option for an occasion dress. I found some affordable alternatives below, that can work well for you as well.