We are beyond excited to announce that our family is growing, June 16 2018 we hope to welcome a new member to the Canning household. The excitement has been pretty insane around here, we are all anxiously awaiting for this baby to arrive. This baby will be the first one for my side of the family, which means my mom is calling me everyday, feeding me a whole lot of delicious food, which I have no complaints about haha! I’m the youngest of six and the first one to have a baby, so my sisters and my brother are over the moon and can’t wait to see their niece/nephew.


Ive had a great pregnancy thus far, which I’m really happy about. Ive heard some stories and understand that pregnancy can possibly be one of the worst things ever, so i’m over here thanking the Good Lord!

My first trimester I had some aches and pains, also back pain, a bit of nausea (dry heaving), and some headaches but everything was felt in moderation, I had more good days than bad days. Now transitioning into my second trimester, I finally feel like I’ve gotten all of my energy back and I can continue on with life.


we had a chance to see our little babe, see it kicking it’s legs stretching it’s arms and hands, whenever I laughed it kept bouncing up and down. I don’t think there is anything more magical than seeing the little peanut for the first time forming and growing into a baby. In about two weeks we get to see, hear the heartbeat of the baby and if we are interested (which we aren’t) we can find out the gender of the baby as well. My husband has always asked me to keep the gender as a surprise, which i’m totally okay with, considering i’m not to eager or worried about what colours I should buy pre-baby. I’m more into nudes, greys, blush tones, soft hues of yellow and greens.


I get questioned a lot by people about what gender I really want, I think a lot of us (women) prior to pregnancy have these ideas about, how things should be or what we prefer and or want. The first thing that usually comes to mind when I get asked that question is HEALTHY. Once you’re pregnant you get to know and realize the dangers that can come with pregnancy. So for me all I want is a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a safe delivery. I’m ready to love on this baby regardless of what gender it is..

I’ve promised myself i’ll document my pregnancy on the blog so i’ll do my best to stay on top of this..ladies and gents I’m always ready to hear any advice, feed back, comment below my mamas/mamas to be. I’ve gotta start thinking baby products..soo excited to get into all of that.

Thanks for reading ya’ll, sending all my love and warm wishes!