We are so thrilled to announce our little family is growing!


Keo has been amazing in grasping and understanding the concept of a baby in mommy’s belly. We’ve been working on explaining it to him very early on so he is now more familiar with what it means as my belly is getting bigger. We are so thrilled he gets to have a built-in best friend, someone he can grow up with and truly experience what it’s like to have a full-time sibling.

Rene and I can’t believe we are going to have two kids with us full time, it’s completely going to be wild. Growing our family has always been such a dream of ours and it actually happening is so surreal, these are the years to remember. Our days are so busy but filled with so much memory, time spent together and lots of laughter.


Keo is his own little person now, he spends most of his days making us all laugh, watching him learn and grow has truly been a special gift. He is full of energy, does not ever stop running, playing, chasing, catching you name it he is doing it. He always has this little baby in prayer and is always back and forth on what he thinks he wants either a brother or a sister.

I’m excited to welcome this new season in my life, a second pregnancy is very different than your first one. It’s a lot less stressful as I’m going into familiar grounds unlike my first pregnancy not knowing what to expect. I’m working on being less anxious, on my breathing, and letting things out of my control go. If you find yourself in this same season as I am, I’ll be keeping you in my prayers you’ve got this mama!


Few things I wanted to touch upon here when these photos were taken I was about halfway pregnant. I opted to wait until I was comfortable to share this news with the world. When we announced I received a lot of ” I had a feeling you were pregnant” comments because you could obviously tell on some of the more recent videos and pictures that I posted on socials that I was pregnant or potentially could be. Choosing to wait until I was 5 months along to announce to the world that I was pregnant was a choice I made, regardless of what is deemed as “the ideal” time. I had many reasons that made me want to wait, the first being my pregnancy was high risk at the start, which meant there were many unknowns and I wanted to make sure both the baby and I were safe. Secondly, I wanted to enjoy this pregnancy without the eyes and the ears of the world. Our family and friends were already informed of the pregnancy early on.

I know we spent so much time on social media advocating for women who are pregnant to be allowed to announce as early as they want, even before the 12-week mark to get the support they do need. I find the same support should be given to women who don’t want to announce their pregnancy online. Our society holds so much value in having these “announcements” of specific milestones in our lives (ie. engagements, weddings, new jobs, pregnancy, buying a house, etc) that it starts to make plenty of people feel like they aren’t doing it right not receiving the same applause or validation they would receive online. I learned a lot through this process and I’m truly thankful I had such a supporting family throughout the first half of my pregnancy, we were able to truly enjoy the news and sulk in it as a family.


We are so thrilled a new family member will be joining us very soon, September is my birthday month and I’m selfishly wanting this little babe to come early, I’m really not wishing to share my birthday month haha!

We learned today to never ask a woman if she is pregnant or not; to never allow our own curiosity to get in the way of the correct etiquette. We should also allow women to share any news about their bodies when they want and if only they want to.

For those that follow me on Instagram @collexionplate , I’ve already said this many time as we had announced earlier but Thank you ALL for the love and kindness it truly means the world to our little family.

all my love,